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Eleanor Hopkins

Eleanor Hopkins

Eleanor Hopkins is often told she doesn’t look like a real-estate agent, or an ‘average geek’. Yet she is a valued member of the Harcourts Victoria corporate team providing behind the scenes IT and technical assistance to all Harcourts Victoria employees and clients.


Eleanor entered the real estate sector at the suggestion of a friend’s father. The job allowed Eleanor to support herself through university, where she completed an Advanced Diploma in Business and Advertising and a Bachelor of Technology and Public Relations, International Business. 


Since 2001, she has been employed in a range of different capacities within the real estate sector, from receptionist, to personal assistant and sales administrator, to marketing and database maintenance.


Born with a natural flair for people, Eleanor found that working with Harcourts provides her the opportunity to interact with people of different cultures, backgrounds and age groups on a day to day basis. She supports people to navigate Harcourts software or troubleshoot technical problems, and provides ongoing training for all Harcourts apps.


Since joining Harcourts Victoria as Business Operations Manager in August 2015, Eleanor has been instrumental in ensuring ‘The Harcourts Way’ office procedures run smoothly. ‘The Harcourts Way’ is the title given to a group of best practice techniques and resources available to Harcourts employees to enable them to achieve success.


Fuelled by her experience working in different facets of real-estate, Eleanor has the following advice for people wanting to work in her field: “You need to have patience, you need to be able to communicate openly with people of all different backgrounds”. She believes the secret to providing the best IT support is not to overcomplicate concepts, and instead try to relate to a client on his or her own terms. “I would encourage people to get out there and meet more people, learn more, read more, just really live and breathe the industry, because IT is ever changing,” 


Harcourts has two apps currently on the market, with a third app currently in the testing phase, forthcoming in September 2016. The first is an Open Home and Contact Management app, compatible with both mobile phone and IPAD. The second app is for pre- listings, so the sales agents can take it to their appraisers and in a digital presentation format, go through the marketing and also describe a little about themselves. 


A key part of Eleanor’s role is to assist with the marketing materials and promotion around these apps, educating both clients and salespeople on how this premiere technology will help them, “It’s going to make their life easier, it’s going to make them work harder and smarter”.


Harcourts is the only real-estate company to have an app reviewed and featured on Apple, a fact which is a source of great pride to Emma and the team: “It’s in constant development, they don’t just send a product out there and let it get old, they’re innovators, and it’s great to be part of such an innovative team that are happy to keep implementing and growing all the time.”


For Eleanor, Harcourts Victoria stands out from the competition because of the value placed on fun and laughter. The team have a spirit whereby they recognise each other’s strengths and are able to lean on each other, bounce off each other and grow toward a common goal: “You give 100% at work, you get 100% support when not at work.”


First and foremost, Eleanor sees herself as a mother, yet recently she has seen the benefits of taking more time for herself. She is involved obstacle courses and mud runs but also play footbal for her local club. She is interested in researching trends, both social and global, and likes to stay abreast of world news. Whenever possible, Eleanor likes to spends time with friends and family away from technology.


Eleanor’s enthusiasm for her work shines through to all with whom she interacts. She has worked very hard to get where she is and the future is bright: ”The digital space is a very exciting space; we have a lot to implement over the next three to five years…I’m looking forward to it!”. 

Eleanor Hopkins

Business Operations Manager

3/95 Coventry Street